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A Little Skinny on Bux Board and Bux Board Boxes Feb 21, 2018

When I was new to the world of packaging, all I knew about the packaging was from my experience of the different type of packaging that I came across being a customer. Definitely, from time to time I bought things like a perfume, soap, and refrigerator etc.

These diverse items showed me some diverse types of packaging. For example, the perfume box made of cardboard is often put in a paper bag packaging and given to the customer. Likewise, a soap is mostly packed inside a cardboard box and a heavy or fragile item e.g. glassware, refrigerator etc. is packed in a very thick cardboard packaging with layers.

Later, when I joined packaging as my line of work, I came to know that thick layer packaging of cardboard sheets is actually called corrugated fiberboard. But there were still some packaging materials that I was not aware of, although I definitely experienced them in my real life.

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For an example, I will mention Kraft boxes or bags; now all of us have our fair share of using them but rarely do we know the name of the material. And then come wholesale bux board boxes.

Now, what is a bux board and how a bux board box looks like? Well, this is a very logical question. If there are companies that already pack their products in bux board boxes, then we must have seen or touched one or more of them and we still do not know them by name.


Here is a little skinny on bux board boxes and how bux board boxes are made and used.

1. Material

Let us talk about the material of the wholesale bux board boxes that you get from your packaging company. The material that we know as bux board is a lightweight material with rugged surface and a thin tone to it. This makes it a cheap and good packaging material for the boxes needed for many FMCG products.

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The uneven surface of this material is not like corrugated fiberboard, but it is somewhat similar and thus it provides a certain level of protection to the products packed inside it; although the level of protection is not same as in case of corrugated fiberboard.

2. Box

Here are a few features of the bux board boxes.

• They are fully customizable, which is a plus point, because protection-based materials are not much customizable.

• Their cost is less because the material is an inexpensive one.

• They are durable to pass the test of time and protect the products to a certain level.

• They are food safe boxes because bux board is a food safe material since it is based on wood-pulp.

• They are just as biodegradable and recyclable as other wood-pulp based materials that I have mentioned above, which is a big plus point.

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So, I hope that after going through this little skinny, you must have now a picture of this material and how it can help you. Happy selling with custom bux board boxes!